Dec 8, 2017

Christmas 2017 Wishlist

xmas 2017 wishlist

Hello loves! 
How have you been?
Today I bring you a post for all my Secret Santas out there (or any of you who might want to ship some presents to my door - comment down below and I’ll text you my address *joking*)

Nov 21, 2017

Winter Moodboard #winteredit

Hello loves!
How are you doing?
Just a few days ago I was wishing on Fall and here we are skipping it straight to Winter.. Brrr!
I’ve already grabbed my winter coats and scarves.. what about you? Are you still able to get away with just a Fall coat?
Anyway, it’s almost Christmas!! Who’s excited for the holidays? I have yet to put up my decorations and come up with my wishlist.. Am I late or is it still too early? ahah

Happy Holidays!
Thank you for reading,

Nov 1, 2017

Dear November, please bring me the sweater weather! Fall Wishlist

Hello loves!
Almost five months later I'm finally back. This (not so) little break from the blog took place because I got a new job which came with a few adjustments in my schedule and routine but I feel like I'm finally settled, happy with where I'm at and ready to embrace this little project of mine back :)

Jun 15, 2017

MAC Cosmetics: First Impression

Hello my loves!
How have you been? I'm sure most of you will agree it was more than time I've tried MAC cosmetics!
Oh well, I live in Coimbra and unfortunately it is not very easy to get hold of the brand here (or any other makeup brands -  we don't even have Sephora ughh) but on our trip to Milan, me and my sister each grabbed a lipstick bullet, and later on my birthday my friends (one of them currently living in Lisbon) gave me a mineralize skinfinish :)

Let's take a look at the products!

Jun 5, 2017

What I got on my Birthday

Hi loves! How have you been?
This post was supposed to go live yesterday but I got distracted watching Ariana's One Love Manchester concert and never finished it :/ It was such an inspiring show don't you think? So much love and unity trying to fight back the hate and terror around the world.
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